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  • What is CSS?

    What is CSS?

    READ ALSO: What is HTML? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets What is CSS used for? As implied in the title, CSS is used for style. CSS should be responsible for the layout of your site as well as all the color, fonts, and other style-related aspects. What do you mean by cascading? When used properly, you will create one master CSS file for your website. Then when you need to make an exception to the rule, you only have [...]

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  • What is HTML?

    What is HTML?

    READ ALSO: What is CSS? HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Simply put, it is the language of the Internet. There are very few sites out there that do not use HTML somewhere on there site. What does HTML do? As stated in its name, HTML is a mark-up language. This means that we use HTML to mark-up or label different elements or sections of code. While you can make a website purely composed of HTML it is not [...]

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  • What is PageRank?

    What is PageRank?

    PageRank (PR) is simply Google’s method of tracking the authority and, therefore, theoretical usefulness of a website. PageRank is a whole number between 0 and 10. Whenever you create a new site it begins with a PageRank of 0. Each individual page on a site has it’s own PR. So even if your Homepage has a PR of 4, when you create a new blog post, the new post will have a PR of 0. How Can I Check My [...]

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