Step 5

How to Install Your WordPress Theme

  1. Go to FileZilla
  2. Watch this video

Before we can continue with this process you will need to download one small piece of software. You need an FTP Client. If you already have one on your computer you’re good to go, but otherwise I highly suggest FileZilla.

Filezilla is 100% free and simple to use. You can download it here:

FileZilla Download

The FileZilla website contains simple instructions if you need help installing FileZilla.

FileZilla includes many options and settings, but since we will be using it minimally, I will only be cover the parts that you will be using personally.

Open FileZilla

FileZilla Log In

Along the top you should see a bar asking for some information.

  • (1) Host:
  • (2) Username: The username you use to sign in to HostGator
  • (3) Password: The password you use to sign in to HostGator

Fill in this information then click on Quickconnect.

In the middle of the screen you will see 2 sets of windows.

FileZilla Upload

  • (1) The windows on the left show the files on your computer.
  • (2) The windows on the right show the files on your website.

In the windows on the left, you need to locate the theme that you selected and downloaded. The folder will be labeled [YourThemeName]Theme.

Inside this folder, double-click on Theme and you should find a folder named [YourThemeName].

Now on the right, double-click on the folder titled “www”.

Double-click on the folder titled [YourDomainName].

Double-click on the folder titled wp-content.

Double-click on the folder titled themes.

Now from the left click and drag the folder [YourThemeName] over to the window on the right. You can release it in any white area in this window.

FileZilla is now uploading your selected theme to your website. This could take a few minutes. When the files are all uploaded you can close FileZilla.

I Have Installed My New WordPress Theme


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