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How to Setup WordPress

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Host Gator, it is super simple to install WordPress on your domain.

  1. Log in to your Host Gator Control Panel
  2. Watch this video

Once again you will need to find the first email you received from Host Gator. This time you will need to find your Username and Password as well as the link to the Control Panel.

cPanel is a user-friendly way to access and edit all the files and information regarding your website.

You should not need to access cPanel often, but it is still a good idea to be familiar with it.

Scroll down to the bottom of the cPanel. Under the heading Software/Services click on Fantastico De Luxe.

From the menu on the left under Blogs, click on WordPress.

On the next screen click on New Installation.

You will now need to enter some information that will be specific to your website.

(1) Install on Domain

  • Since this is your first website there should only be one choice in the dropdown box and it should be preselected.

(2) Install in Directory

  • This WordPress installation is your entire site. You do not want to install it in any directory so leave this blank.

(3) Administrator Username

  • This can be any username you choose, but it should be unique to you and something you can remember. You will need this to access WordPress and control your website.

(4) Password

  • This is the password that will be used with the Username you chose above. The same criteria apply.

(5) Admin Nickname

  • Simply enter the Username you chose above.

(6) Admin Email

  • Enter an active email address. If you have an email address associated with this website I like to use that one. Otherwise whatever email address you most often use.

(7) Site Name

  • This should already be filled in with the name of your website. You should not have to change this.

(8) Description

  • You can fill this box in with a description of the content of your site or you can leave it blank. You will always be able to change it later from the WordPress control panel.

On the next screen simply click Finish Installation.

The third and final piece of the installation is optional, but I would highly recommend it. On the last screen it will ask for an email address.

This will send a copy of the information you just entered to your email. This is very handy to have should you forget your Username or Password. It’s a simple back-up plan that I like to take advantage of.

I Have Set Up WordPress on My Domain



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