Step 1

Obtaining a Domain Name

  1. Go to NameCheap (Voted Best Domain Name Registrar)
  2. Watch this video

NameCheap Coupon Code

April 2013: TLDSALE

Domain names are the property of the internet. You can purchase this property and use it however you please. You can own this property as long as you live or you can choose to sell it at any time (provided you can find a buyer).

However, unlike traditional land or property ownership, domain names are much easier to acquire and far more affordable.

There are many companies out there willing to register these domain names for you so sometimes it can be difficult trying to figure out where to start. So I’ll make it easy for you.

Go to NameCheap. They are reliable, trustworthy, and well-priced (and they often have a sale or coupon code you can use).

NameCheap is the only company I use to register my domain names. Thus it is my recommendation to you.

So, once you arrive at NameCheap you will need to sign up for a free account. This is a simple process that is very similar to anything else you sign up for on the internet.

Next you need to find an AVAILABLE domain name. You may have a few ideas in mind at this time but you will probably be amazed at how may domain names have already been purchased. So you may have to get creative.

Now that you have your account look for a box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It should say “Domain Search www.” and then you need to fill in the blank. Enter your first choice here and hope for the best.

It will just take a few seconds to search and it will come back with the result of TAKEN or AVAILABLE.

If the name is available great! Click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page and continue through the checkout process. At this time you do not need to worry about any of the extra options they offer you. Simply fill out the necessary forms and keep clicking Continue.

If your first choice was taken, you will have to keep on searching. I always try to have at least 3 options ready when I’m searching for a new domain name. Very often the first one is taken.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the right domain┬áname, check out the tips and guidelines from Nicole on the Net.

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